Sunday, November 3, 2013

create ebook cover within 5 minute like a PRO

guess so many of us would love to create ebook cover for their product but don't know how to start creating ecover template from the scratch using either Photoshop or corel draw.well, be you novice or beginner, you can use this secret software to design, create, generate any kind of 3D ebook cover within 5 minute like a why struggling and wasting time creating ebook cover when you can do that in a click of a mouse even as a novice.

creating professional and stunning 3D ebook cover for your product is not as difficult many internet users think because one can design stunning ebooks cover for their product within 5 minute as a an individual, story writers, publishers, business owners, bloggers, web masters, you and i know that before you can showcase your product online, you don't just need any ebook cover but you need professional and stunning ebook cover that will wooow your customers cause now a days customers do judge a book by its cover.with this package, you can solve your AMAZON KINDLE ECOVER, FIVERR GIG ORDERS by creating ecover for people with a click of a mouse.

well, the problem is that so many people cannot create an ebook cover from the scratch not to talk of professional and stunning 3D ecover for product like DVD cover, hard cover ebook, box product cover, software box, text books, story ebook cover etc.with this secret software, i have not only created stunning 3D ecover for my product but i have also created for even those that called themselves graphics designer.

you don't need to be a GURU OR graphic designer to use this wonderful secret software because the software is jam-packed with lots of template and features you can't even imagine for your ecover to be set within 5 Minute.

all you need to do is to launch the software, generate the template and right inside the software you will add your TITTLE and IMAGES, EFFECTS, GRADIENT COLOURS, CUSTOM SHAPES,  and allow the software to do the rest by rendering it to produce the ecover in well formatted, professional and stunning 3D OR PAPER BACK STYLE , no stress, not time consuming, isn't that great.

so just imaging creating professional and stunning cover for yourself and for other people without having graphics design don't need photoshop, corel draw or other graphics design software to create that professional and stunning ebook cover for your product within 5 Minute the software will render every thing for you.

this is one of the software most top sellers and graphics designers who designs ebook cover on fiverr are making use of to design and deliver their don't need to be a PRO

i have also made a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to use the software to create your own ebook cover template without stress even as a and I know that it is not that easy to create ebook cover template from the scratch especially as a novice using most of the graphic design software like photoshop and corel draw.

you can download a sample of the video tutorial SAMPLE VIDEO TUTORIAL DOWNLOAD

i will give you the package for #2000.after payment is confirmed, i will send both the tool and the video tutorial on how to use it to create and generate your own stunning and professional ebook cover like a pro.


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