Tuesday, February 17, 2015


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Are you an internet marketer/info marketer or you want to go into selling of info product like ebook, video, software, service and have large numbers of email address to send and get client/customers to know about your product but don't how to go about it or you don't have the right tools to use.

are you planning to make use of any auto responder email marketing companies like GET RESPONSE, TRAFFIC WAVE, AWEBER, etc but can't afford their payment fee per month.

are you a business owner that have clients/customers with large email address and wish to be sending emails to keep them informed on , newsletter, tips, advice etc but don't know how to do that with just one click of a mouse, well if you are in this category, then your problem is solved because i will expose to you a secret tools i am using to send mass email to my visitors on latest tips, advice, help with just one click of a mouse, no stress at all as i don't need any auto responder to do that since the tools have what it takes to send mass email to more than 100 email addresses per day bit by bit or more.

here are things you can achieve using this tool

sending mass mail to more than 1000 email address or more per day

==> putting all email addresses in groups or categories e.g church, student, bloggers, friends, customers etc base on what kind of information or service they need.if you have emails of people who need tips on make money online on Forex trading, adsense, webdesign etc, you can group all those emails and name it make money online groups, you can do same for other emails base on what they want.cool hun

==> saving a message as template which will save you time in writing it again because all you need to do is just load the template and use for what you want. E.g greeting message, welcome new subscribers to your list, wishing subscribers happy chrismax, new year, birth day etc, cool hun

==> you can upload/attach files too and send it to all email at once with just one click

==> you can choose to stay anonymous or not if you want by using Proxy

==> you can use it from the comfort your home, you just launch the tool and send what you want to that large subscribers of yours.

the list is endless.if this tool can do all this stuff, then i don't need auto responder because all i need is just their email address and the rest will be done using the tool.

you and i knows how much it will cost you to maintain large numbers of email address using auto responders like aweber, get response, traffic wave etc.also you know what might happened when you try to send one email to even up to 50 people at once using either yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail to send BCC or CC emails, you might get ban doing so and also all the people you send the message to will see all the email recipients you included and send the same message to.not good for serious business man.

but with this tool, every one get to see only the message.even top companies like banks, telecom, web hosting etc are making use of this tool to manage their customers email list to send them tips, advice, new product info, etc.

i have also made a detailed video tutorial on how to fully setup this tool including the configuration you will make use of to get it working without stress.so make your internet email marketing a breeze with just one click of a mouse, all your email list will receive your message whether scraped or bought emails.

download sample video and see how i sent mails Click To Download

to get this tool, the cost is #1500.


ACCOUNT NUMBER ==> ( 0118248715 )

after payment, send the following to this number 08168602983,