Wednesday, November 3, 2021

make money creating & selling caller tune in nigeria

make money creating caller tunes for people

have you ever thought of making money creating and selling caller tune in Nigeria. they said information is the key to mans success and if you are not informed, you are deformed.the secret is about to be exposed to those who is reading this today.i will uncover the secret few people are using to make cool cash by creating and selling caller tune to individual, business owners, musician, politicians, wedding, too can do this and make money while others are busy subscribing for caller tune.

just imagine that up coming musician in your street would love to get his music converted into caller tune so when somebody calls him or her, they get to hear his music.

just imagine that politician in your area would love to promote his campaign as a caller tune so that when his followers, friends or family member calls, they get to first listen to his campaign before he picks the call.

just like that 2face, MI, WHIZ KID, DBANJ song you subscribed to as caller tune so when some one calls you, they get to listen to the tune before you pick the call.

the artiste are making money from your downloads of their music, you too can make money creating caller tune for people.i know you will ask me how, that is the how i am about to uncover only if you take the bull by the horn.this is a secret many Nigerians don't know yet.they are busy downloading and changing tune every day, so what about you, you can change and download tune but still make money creating for people.

The most interesting part is that you can even do it with your mobile phone, be it Nokia touch


==> up coming musician in your area or in school

==> advertising your product

==> Pastor/Church Owner Who Wants To Create A Prayer Tune And Set It As Callertune Instead Of Living The Default MTN Tune.this is a nice way to promote your church to members and outsiders for as a pastor, you can thrill your church members and public with your voice as your caller-tune

==> business owners who wish to promote their product via tune.

==> couples that wants to wed and wish to set a reminder to their family and friends via tune

==> individual who wish to surprised their lovers or friends on their birth day via tune,

==> politician who want to promote their campaign to their followers.

the list is too can even use it to trill your friends and get them surprised wondering how you did it.


Mtn callertune

==> You can Use It for advert: May be you want to advertise your company’s product or service through MTN Caller Tune. Whatever works of Life you do, be it Carpenter, Electrician, Lawyer, Engineer, Trader, etc. you can use it to advertise your business for free.

==> It can be used as reminder of birthday anniversary, wedding, ordinations, meetings etc.

==> It can used as a greeting message for friends and family. It can be used as a means of passing information across or reminder of an event.

==> A business man/ trader can use it as an advert to inform their customers about the New/latest product in stock.

==> A pastor or priest can also use it as a greeting message for his/ her congregation.

==> A Music Artist can use it To promote Their Songs for free and lots more

you can create a chrismax wishing caller tune, wishing all your friends and family a merry chrismax and happy new year, cool right. they will open their mouth wide trying to guess how you did it.its fun right,for the fun of it.surprise your friends with it and also make money creating for others .

The most interesting part is that you can even do it with your mobile phone, be it Nokia touch if you want

i have made a pictorial guide on how to go about creating and selling caller tune and this guide cost #5000.this information is what other people are using and charging high to do for others, now you are getting the do it yourself guide for a token.act fast because after Now, the price will increase to #10000.

once your payment is confirmed, i will send you the detailed pictorial guide to start making money with caller tune creation,so act fast now.


ACCOUNT NUMBER ==> ( 0118248715 )

you can also pay via recharge card but you will have to call me to know if i still accept recharge card payment

after payment to the bank, send the following to this number 08168602983,