Saturday, June 20, 2020


facebook auto group poster software

facebook auto poster or facebook auto group poster download.i have just gotten one of the hidden and sophisticated facebook auto poster software which allows any one to auto post to all their facebook groups they joined, friends wall, fanpage they liked, also auto join any group of auto like any fanpage with just one click of a mouse,isn't that cool.

so many people are looking for this software but end up getting craps.right now i am using one of the best facebook auto poster out there,never before seen which i use to automate my facebook activities without too can do that when you have the right tools such as this one.this one is different from those silly and crappy facebook auto poster out there because i make use of it virtually every day when am using facebook and still rocking it to the fullest up till now without any problem at all.

with this facebook auto poster, you can use it to auto post your message, links to all the groups you have joined on facebook with one click, post to all the fanpage you have liked with just one click of a button,auto post to all your friends wall with just one click,auto join any group you like with one click,auto like any fanpage with one click,auto add targeted friends with one click and lots more features.

you just click the button and continue what ever you are doing while the software does the auto posting for you like it is a real human being that is making the post.

at times i will just put the software ON and continue my work at home,before i come back, all the message must have been posted to all the groups in my facebook account with no stress at all.this facebook auto group poster is different from the rest out there and it is one of the best i have seen.

i fell in love with it the very moment i got it because of the unique feature added to it.i do love good things when i see does not only auto post to all the groups you have joined on facebook but also can auto post or comment to all the facebook fanpage you have liked,not only that, it has the option to mass join any facebook group, mass like any fanpage you want with just a click of a mouse.

i so much love this tool and i just can't stop loving is the hidden features of what this facebook auto poster software can do.

==> auto post your message or link to all the facebook groups you have joined, even if the groups are over 100

==> auto post your message to all the facebook fanpages you have liked

==> auto post your message or link to all your friends wall

==> auto mass join any number of facebook groups you want with just a click of a mouse

==> auto mass like any number of facebook fanpages you want

==> auto mass create any amount of facebook account with one click of a mouse

==> auto post to all your facebook account with one click

==> auto add targeted facebook friends

lots more hidden features for you to discover.what other facebook auto poster does this better than this tool i am currently using

you can take a look at the menu bar of the fb auto post on the image below

fb auto poster

the features and power of the tool is just awesome and i just can't stop loving it.what a great tool for my facebook automation.

i make use of it to post my message,links,affiliate links to all my facebook groups in nigeria.

also i will give you a special BONUS of over 500 list of FACEBOOK GROUPS which is a list of NIGERIAN GROUPS and LIST OF FOREIGN GROUP in different niche.this will get you started at the go because it has reduced the stress of searching for groups to join.this is a special bonus included in the package.also i made a detailed VIDEO TUTORIAL showing you how to make use of the tool,so you don't have to just stair at the tool without knowing how to use it for your auto posting,isn't that cool,all this included in this package.

what i also love in this tool is the option to set a time interval for the message or links to be posted to each of the groups or fanpage,or joining groups or liking fannpages and other can set the time for the various activities you want to perform with this tool.

this means that after posting to one group,it will pause for the time you specify and then post to the next group,that is how it will keep on pausing after posting to each groups or fanpage and this process makes it look like it is a real human that is making the post.

if you are planning to offer fiverr gig,here is a service you can can use it to offer FIVERR GROUP POSTING GIG and make your job easy to carry out.

you can also use it to promote your fiverr gigs to different facebook groups.

i mostly use a time interval from 1,2,3,4,5 minute depending on the kind of message or links i want to post.even if you want it to be done in seconds,it is left to you but i recommend from 40 seconds - 1 minute (60 seconds ).

so to get this tool, the cost is just #2000 only.


ACCOUNT NUMBER ==> ( 0118248715 )

after payment, send the following to this number 08168602983,