Sunday, December 15, 2019

How To Create Your Own JAMB CBT Software Without Programming Or Coding Knowledge

How To Create Your Own Jamb CBT Software

Have you ever thought of creating your own Jamb Cbt Software for your business center, cyber cafe, school, personal use at home but don't know how to do have seen so many jamb cbt software out there but they are not available for free except you pay for it, even at that, most of them are monthly or yearly subscriptions, the owners don't give it out in full.they wants to make money off you forever right, but what if i show you how you too can create a simple and professional Jamb Cbt Software or website using this secret tool i have been using to do same thing.simple, easy and effective way to create jamb cbt software or website without one single line of coding or programming knowledge.

You don't have to be a programmer to create your own jamb cbt software or website as the secret is exposed.yes you heard me right.

Count yourself lucky to be reading this article today because i will expose the secret to you today only if you want to start doing things yourself.

Even a 10 years old girl can use this software to create jamb cbt software and website without stress.

The era of coding everything is being done for those who don't really have interest in programming or coding but just want to get simple things done professionally without sweating and thinking of the kind of coding that fit in the project.

Now you can do it without programming knowledge.

Here is the advantage of using this software

==> you can create your own JAMB CBT software for different subject and still have the full database which you can modify, add new question for updates

==> you can create for all subjects and still have the main data with you

==> you can add your business name and logo on the jamb cbt software.this way you get to promote your brand because any one who downloads it from any where will not modify it since it has been converted to software .exe file

==> you can use it to create for other people and make many business center, cyber cafe owners, schools, individuals needs this but don't know how simple they can create it by themselves. you can help them to create and charge them easy

==> You don't have to hire any developer to create this for you like others are doing,paying huge sum of money to get this done.with this software you can do it by your self without one single line of code or programming

==> you can also convert the software to website version if you want and have it uploaded to a website without programming knowledge. isn't that cool,

this secret is not known by many yet because most people feel you only have to be a programmer to create something called jamb cbt software or website.

Salivating already i can have this secret tool to yourself and makes use of it to your advantage.the ball is in your court.

I have also created a detailed video tutorial on how to use this software,now things has been made easy for you because you don't have to just look at the software all day figuring what to click and use.

Both the video guide and the software goes for #6000 only, cheap isn't it.yes it is compare to what you can achieve with it.the beauty of this tool is that you can use it to create any cbt questions or use for your personal elearning including compiling current affairs question which can be uploaded on your website or use as a stand alone computer software.

HERE IS Sample questions Uploaded On This blogger site.Below Link

Note That This Can Only Be Viewed With A computer OR A SMART phone browser like android, iphone.this is why its called Computer Based Test.

OR Check

You Can Also Download The Sample Software Based Version Which you can run on your computer. Download Via This Link .

So act fast because after now the price will move to #10,000.


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