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Self Hosted Facebook Auto Group Poster System : Create Your Own Facebook Auto Group Poster Website

Self Hosted Facebook Auto Group Poster  System : Create Your Own Facebook Auto Group Poster Website.Don't allow your web hosting excess bandwidth to waste without utilizing it to the fullest. what is the need of using a web hosting without having an automation app running on it to make scheduling of online activities easy. why spending huge amount of money using automation platform such as hootesuite, buffer, and other site that offers automation for the same facebook auto group posting when you can just install it on your own web hosting or Free web hosting server and have full control as the admin and sole user  or allow other people to sign up and you charge them a fee for using the service and free yourself from paying monthly fee of same amount that is enough to purchase an hosting package.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

site like hootsuite charges $19 per month on their professional plans while site like buffer charges $10/month Basic Plan and you have limit to only schedule 100 post, not encouraging and this amount charged per month is enough to Buy an hosting package and have even more online app installed on it without limitations to the number of social media account you can add or number of post you can schedule.

i have just giving you a secret money saving tips, so if you understand the beauty and freedom of having a private Self Hosted Facebook auto poster app, then you will know the worth of this offer i am bringing to your table.


as a business owner or website owner, with a self hosted website or a blogger, individual with a self hosted website, there is need for you to have online app that will carry out online activities such as Facebook auto group poster, auto posting, auto responding and auto updating social media posting on Facebook for you on daily basis even when your Computer/PC is shut down, it keeps posting to all your the various groups you have joined, including fan pages and your Facebook wall., so what if i don't have a Web hosting, can i still use it on my computer. the Answer Is Big Yes you can use it on your computer via a software known as Wampp or Xampp which will enable you run the script because it also serve as a web hosting on computer.

this means you don't need a web hosting if you want to use it on your computer and Video Tutorial Showing the process to do this is also added in the package. you can also use it to schedule your posting too from your computer. A Video tutorial is also added to enable you install and set it up fully but it is best used with a live web hosting, so if you don't have money to purchase a live web hosting, don't worry.

i will also show you a free hosting site you can use to install this script without paying for hosting and use it to carry out your Facebook auto group posting 247. this is a bonus added to the package which is cool for those who want to use it online without paying for hosting fee.

this is what i have been using on my profile by scheduling task for future posting to large number of Facebook groups and my profile timeline on auto pilot 24/7 while i keep doing other stuffs online or offline and even when my computer is shutdown, it keeps posting, no internet connection, no need turning on my computer before it will continue like it does for desktop software. this is why the world is embracing cloud hosting for their apps because you don't have to always be online to carry out stuffs manually when you can give the job to an online robot to do it for you as if it is human being that is performing it.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

i want to expose one of the secret app i am making use of on my web hosting to automatically post to all the Facebook groups i have joined, including fan pages i have liked and also my timeline. no need to stress yourself doing it manually. you just install it and then login to the platform and compose your message, then schedule it for future posting while you continue doing other stuffs. even when you travel and forget to carry your computer with you, you can still access the platform since all you need is an internet connection which you can use to access it from your mobile smart phone or by using a cyber cafe around you or a friends computer.

you will say what is the use of using an online automation tool when i can use a desktop software to do that, well let me break your heart, you cannot achieve the same thing with a desktop facebook
auto group poster because your computer must be ON 24 Hours in order to complete a schedule task using desktop app.

also, your computer must have internet access before the task will be completed. also, you need to carry your computer along with you wherever you travel to even if its just a shut journey since the desktop software is installed on your computer.

but all this can be made easy for you by just installing the app on your web hosting and then use cron job to automate everything. that is the beauty of using an online app and your internet activities will be swift as all you need is to login to the Facebook auto poster platform installed on your hosting and then schedule the task, shut down your computer and go to bed while the tool bears the heavy duty.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

imagine posting manually to more than hundred Facebook groups at once, that is time consuming and stressful. all this will be done for you by the Facebook auto group poster on auto pilot, no stress, reduce time spent on the internet doing one thing.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

one of the other stuff you can use this tool for is to automatically set post to be posted on your Facebook wall in a future date. what a nice way to keep your Facebook timeline updated on regular bases without the need to be online.


so imagine paying high fee for hosting package and you barely use half of the allocated space and bandwidth, yet you keep spending heavily making use of online apps like hootsuite, buffer and other social media automation site for Facebook auto posting and automation when you have lots of space and bandwidth to have your own very private Facebook automation app.

Facebook Auto Group Poster

Frequently Asked Questions

1. is it a must to have a web hosting to use this app.

ANSWER: no it is not a must because you can still use it on your computer without web hosting but it is recommended and best used if you have a live web host

2. Can i make use of this on my Computer

ANSWER: Yes you can use it on your computer without hosting. this is made possible using a software known as wamp or xamp that will serve as an hosting

3. can i use it on a free hosting

ANSWER: YES you can use it on a free hosting without paying for hosting fee and we have added a list of free hosting site which you can use the script on. this is a bonus for those who bought it

4. can i post to all the groups i have joined or only those i am an admin.

ANSWER: yes you can post to all the groups you have joined, including those you owned or you are admin to.

5. does it support multi users

ANSWER: YES it has option to allow people to register/sign up and login to make use of it. this way you can either allow people to use it for free or you charge them monthly fee.

6. Does it have an admin control panel

ANSWER: YES it has an admin control panel where you can control the activities of users. you can restrict users on the number of Facebook account they will add or the number of groups they can add, delete, activate and deactivate users account and lots more. its up to you to decide how you want to set limitations for users.

7. Do i need to create my own facebook app to use this app.

ANSWER: no you don't need to create your own app as there is lots of public app available which you will use. we have also added Facebook apps you will use. everything is there in the video tutorial set up

8. what if i don't use a web hosting, can i use the schedule features if i install it on my computer via either Wamp server or Xampp via localhost.

ANSWER: YES you can use it to schedule on your computer but your computer must be turned on and connected to the internet before the schedule will be triggered since it is not a live hosting. a video tutorial is also added showing you how to activate schedule features on your computer

9. will the auto poster import all my groups

ANSWER: yes it will import all the groups you have joined including the once you owned and admin, even all the pages you have liked and owned. you don't need to add it manually as the auto group poster will automatically import all immediately you add your Facebook account.

10. aside the purchase of the app from you, will i pay any other monthly fee.

ANSWER: no other monthly or hidden charges after purchasing it from me. you can use it for as long as you like. you can even sell it to anyone too like i did.

11. Will you install the app for me on my web hosting after purchase

ANSWER: YES i will set it up for you for free after purchase. this is another bonus service i render for those who want it installed on their server.

guess the frequently asked questions was able to sort things out for you and gives you an hint on the features of this auto group poster. so how much will this cost.

See Live Demo. Visit The Link and create an account, then Login with the details to see demo

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i charge only #6000 for the self hosted fb auto poster. note that you will also get a video tutorial on how to set it up and also a free hosting site to use it. this is a bonus for you especially those who don't have cash to pay for hosting.

but if you can't afford this, then you may want to get the other Desktop Version Facebook auto group poster we have Via link below


ACCOUNT NUMBER ==> ( 0118248715 )

after payment, send the following to this number 08168602983,